The Sacred Feminine

It took me a while to figure out how to get this show on the road. Shoud I go the way I had initially planned by shamelessly propagating my book? But then I decided it would be best to start with something that was infinitely more important. Something, that took the longest for my left brained consciousness to break down and understand.

The existence and the importance of the Sacred Feminine!

The Rishis, Siddas, Shamans, Mages and Gnostics called this energy the Earth Spirit. To them this planet was a giant living organism supporting myriad life forms upon it that live in complete harmony with her. However there is one notable exception to this rule – Us. Humanity is the only species that decided to march to a different beat completely out of sync with the rest of creation. That has resulted in us growing like a loathsome parasite steadily increasing our footprint across the Earth, taking all we can while giving nothing and sucking the life force out of Her.

Before I embarked on this project, I was your average left brained arrogant atheist, confident that my western education had taught me everything there was to know. I lived by the adage ‘Seeing was believing!’ Nothing existed for me outside the purview of Science and Technology. To me the Earth was that annoying bit of dirt you brought into the house when you went for a walk in the rain and Spirit was usually vodka with a dash of tonic and lots of ice.

I must admit when I first began to study and sensitize myself to this energy there was a fear; was this going to in some strange way emasculate me? Leave me feeling less of a man. But all the red-blooded men out there can rest assured that it did no such thing. In fact it might only make you more appealing to women and a more likable human being over all.

What this has to do with goes way beyond gender, for women are as inclined to go on living their life unaware of its presence as they plough on and fight their way through this patriarchal world. A world that has gone to great lengths to keep this knowledge suppressed that the principle creative force on this planet is feminine. She is the living planet called by many names through the ages, Prithvi, Gaia, Sofia, Bhuvaneshwari etc. Once revered and worshipped across the Earth in various forms She and her aspects the many wisdom goddesses of yore have been cast down from grace and consigned to being consorts to one of the solar male deities of the patriarchy.

It is interesting how now the whole world wants to go to Mars now that it has been discovered that it could once sustain life. But look what happened to it. Before we embark on this grandiose plan of inhabiting other worlds how about making a serious fricking attempt at saving our own. The coincidence did strike me as odd that one the pioneers of this patriarchal male dominator world that rules us today, the ancient Romans, referred to themselves as the children of Mars. Introducing this consume and conquer culture to the world by bringing the barbarians and savages under control and teaching them the Roman way. They did not seek harmony with nature they wanted to tame her and have her submit to their will. Look how well that worked out for their papa planet. Make no mistake even though the glory of Ancient Rome appears to have been reduced to a few ruined stone buildings and statues for tourists to take photo ops, its influence is still very strong in the corridors of power through its modern arm the Vatican. The Roman eagle still flies on the crests and emblems of many modern empires and mega corporations.

Why did the patriarchal powers that be fear this knowledge and resort to such extreme methods of violence to suppress it. Could it have been the fear that in a world in harmony and free of strife the role of men would be greatly diminished? It is already proven that in a civilized society women can run the world and bear and rear children on their own. Could it be that the founding fathers of this patriarchal system feared that their roles would be reduced to that of breeding vessels and beasts of burden that they felt the need to subjugate their better halves? Was this the reason to fuel wars and promote conflict, only to stay relevant?

Whatever the reasons one does not have to be a Seer or a Clairvoyant to know where we are headed. The wars for oil will be replaced by wars for fresh water as we find more innovative reasons and methods to kill each other. Slowly but surely we will choke the life out of this planet till we are another inert rock orbiting around the sun. Or we will force this nurturing energy to turn protective and wipe us out with one catastrophic blow.

Neither outcome is that appealing so I think it is time for us to get our heads out of our posteriors and do something about it. It is important for us to inundate our collective consciousness with this awareness. Read about it, watch documentaries and share this information with as many as you can. Ensure that you make your children aware of its presence. Take them for walks in nature, encourage them to be creative, imaginative and curious. Allow them to pursue their passion even if it goes against everything you believe.

A child is an independent soul that chooses you as its parents on this journey. He or she arrives with this deep connection with nature, till we nurture the hell out of them cluttering their minds with our fears and unfulfilled desires all in the name of parental love. A son does not emerge from the womb a patriarch ready to impose his will on the women of the world, he watches and learns from his parents. Be conscious as a parent that it is your actions that he will follow as opposed to your words. Teach your daughters to embrace their femininity and do not bind them to your moral compass. Encourage them to be fearless in the pursuit of their goals.

We in India are the products of an education system that was primarily designed to produce policemen and accountants to protect the interests of the British Crown. Macaulay’s children; now abandoned and left to our own devices. Let our fight be no longer for the ashes of our fathers and the temples of our gods but for something infinitely more precious, this beautiful planet we call home. If not for ourselves we must do this for the generations yet unborn, let them see our passing through this world as a blessing and not a curse.

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  1. Smriti Laxman Popenoe says:

    Hi Rajiv – congratulations on getting this off the ground. Enlightenment takes years, if not centuries so I commend you on taking this path and sharing your enlightened thoughts.

    One of my favorite poets – Neil Peart – of the band Rush – wrote a whole album dedicated to this idea of the feminine within all of us. It’s called Counterparts. The music is good but the poetry is divine – you might like it.

    I think the patriarchy you describe and the attitude towards the sacred feminine is global, not just confined to India. It is the true scourge and inhibits the real progress we need to make as humans. I also applaud all your comments on daughters and sons being free of bias until society (we) impose it on them.

    Congrats on a great start. Looking forward to more thought provoking posts from you.

    1. Rajiv G Menon says:

      Thanks Smriti.. I love Rush although I must confess I haven’t listened to them in years their lyrics were fantastic. Still remember a few albums like Moving Pictures, Grace Under Pressure and Exit Stage Left. Will check out Counterparts. You are right the Patriarchal attitude is a global phenomenon although it is a lot more in your face in India.Thank you for your encouragement and kind words.

  2. Radhika Menon Theodore says:

    True that Rajiv…. How ironical that the source of our very existence and sustenance has now turned target of greed and destruction. Man’s insatiable appetite for betterment is actually the cause for decay. . .

    1. Abhay Raj Kapoor says:

      Sad, but true!

  3. Abhay Raj Kapoor says:

    Loved this post Toniq … echoes my thoughts exactly, we are the greatest parasites on this planet & boy, do we need to change.
    Or Mother Earth knows what to do!!

    Strange that inspite of being friends for sooo long, it took this Blog for me to figure out the common thoughts!!

    Looking forward to loads more from you …. All the Best Buddy!!!

    1. Rajiv G Menon says:

      Thanks Abhay.. we must meet and chat soon..

  4. Ravi Varanasi says:

    Science is observation of 3.8 billion years of her known past ( consciously did not use ” his”tory ), technology is but application of that science. We could do better tutoring with her than torturing her, biomimicry is the need of the hour, it’s our best race and rescue mission. There is a whole lot more to discover than invent. Congratulations on a great start buddy, looking forward. Loved the revelation of your pet name ” tonic”!

    1. Rajiv G Menon says:

      Thanks Ravi..

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