Demystifying the Ancient Aryans

I would like to start off with a disclaimer I have no particular leanings towards any organized religion. The truth is I detest them all equally. Through the years religions have been stripped off all their connections to divinity and today they are merely instruments for mass mind control. I try to live consciously and follow the path of the Sanathana Dharma, which teaches me to recognize and respect the spark of divinity that exists in all human beings no matter where they come from or what their beliefs.
An off the cuff remark I heard in one of those random living room conversations prompted this piece. ‘We North Indians are Aryans and you South Indians are Dravidians.’
This statement as with a lot of our history is an over simplification of the truth or a half-truth if you will. The truth is that we are a bunch of mongrels, a mixed race still clinging to an old out dated belief system that was ingrained in us by a tribe of warrior herdsmen who rode into these lands and subjugated us.
Just who were these Aryans and what impact did they have on the ancient world. The protagonist of my first book, Indra was their principle deity so I spent a fair amount of time learning about this mysterious tribe who have left such a major impact on our culture but we know so little about. It is really difficult to pin point their exact origins, as they were pastoral nomads who moved from place to place along with their herds of cattle. They had no permanent settlements and built with biodegradable materials like wood, thatch and animal skins leaving very little trace of their passing.
During my research for Thundergod, I came across the works of the Sumerians whose cuneiform script has only recently been deciphered. The Sumerians who were one of the earliest advanced civilizations tell of a race of gods who descended from the heavens and genetically engineered the human race to work as slaves and mine gold for them. This probably explains our obsession with hoarding gold in our temples, a metal that we have very little use for other than to adorn our deities and ourselves.
This idea of genetic alteration is not so hard to swallow if we look at how successful our own breeding programs have been. We turned the wild wolves that preyed on us into obedient, well-trained dogs and the magnificent aurochs of old into meek cattle.
Most rational minds that believe in the theory of Evolution agree that it is an extremely slow process. It took roughly two million years for early humans to attach a piece of wood to a hand axe and make a crude knife yet in the last ten thousand years we moved from hurling stones at each other to launching inter-continental ballistic missiles. Surely this proves that we have been given an evolutionary push although I am not quite sure if it was in the right direction.
The Sumerians like the Egyptians maintained elaborate records of their times on clay tablets. Unfortunately these are being destroyed even as we speak by the followers of the religions of love and peace as they continue with their orgy of violence across the Middle East. Strange coincidence, that earlier generations of these same forces destroyed the library of Alexandria in Egypt, which housed one of the largest repositories of ancient knowledge. However there is a huge untapped source of information that still offers some hope, our own Harappan culture whose script we have not been able to decode.
In my opinion the Aryans were a tribe bred for war whose purpose was conquest and domination of the earth. They were also entrusted with the spread of the patriarchal agenda that rules the world today. Armed with the most sophisticated weapons of their age and mounted on horses they were quick to subjugate the agrarian based civilizations of Egypt, Sumer and the Indus valley and establish themselves as the ruling class.
Western historians led by Max Mueller came up with the Aryan migration theory. Buoyed by ideas of white supremacy and the furthering of their colonial agendas they had us believe that the Aryans rode into the Indus valley region and civilized a bunch of savages and taught us all there was to know. This theory to use one of my favorite English expressions is pure ‘bollocks’.
Here’s how I think it went down, when the Aryans arrived here they found an advanced Nature worshipping Dravidian culture that had built great cities and had a thriving agrarian economy. Their only weakness was their military and this resulted in their subjugation. The Aryans got a taste for the good life, set aside their nomadic ways and quickly settled down as rulers. The fear of losing their own identity and culture saw them devise the caste system to keep their priesthood and the nobility pure. They saw themselves as the tamers of Nature and quickly broke the spirit of these proud people and enslaved them.
However one thing is evident even if they were successful in enforcing their patriarchal belief system, they failed in their efforts to ensure the purity of their bloodline. It is possible that in the later years they relaxed the rules a bit, after all as expert breeders they must have known the dangers of too much in breeding. Or perhaps their laws could not stand up to their libido. Whatever the reasons, the Aryans soon drowned in a sea of brown giving birth to our ancestors and subsequently us.
A few of us who considered ourselves a little more Aryan than others took charge and we soldiered on, embracing the regressive caste system. We continued through history to fight amongst ourselves and against a series of invaders till seventy years ago when we united as one people to shake off the yoke of the British Empire.
Seventy years is not long for a nation but surely it is long enough for us to cast away this shadow of caste and identity politics that still looms large over us and holds us back from realizing our true potential. It is time for us to reeducate ourselves about our lost history, embrace our diversity and once again find our true place under the sun.

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