OMG!! I’m a holy cow…

The cold tiled floor of the room felt strangely alien to me I was not used to lying on my side with my cheek pressed against the floor. It made me feel terribly vulnerable although there was precious little I could do about it, as my body was rendered immobile. The doctor had left with a rueful expression on his face that told me my fight was now soon going to be over. The acrid smell of the disinfectant that had been prevalent in the room was drowned out by the stench of a gigantic ball of undigested plastic that lay next to me. It was hard to comprehend that the strange alien lump had been extracted from my stomach. It was at least fifty kilos and the volunteers at the charitable veterinary hospital had been repelled by its stench and warned to stay clear till the garbage disposal squad arrived giving me a few minutes of much craved for solitude.
I have to say the effects of the anesthetic they administered have been wonderful to say the least. It not only took away the pain of my stomach being cut open and sutured but also the pain of my daily existence that I had carried without complaint for a while now. Another amazing side effect has been this ability to articulate and express myself so let me get down to it for I have much to say and time is fleeting.
In my autumn years I found myself abandoned and left to fend for myself on the streets of the city. My owner was not a cruel man but after a government directive to close all cow sheds within the limits of the city he had no choice but to let me go. I was too old to produce milk so no diary would want me, it was either that or sell me to the abattoir or the tannery. But to my owner I was a holy creature and he could not incur the sin of having my death on his conscience so he set me free to fend for myself in this city.
The last couple of years of existence I would not wish on my worst enemy, having said that I had no enemies only the constant gnawing pain in my stomach which I thought was only hunger but now I discovered the true reason. This plastic that I had been ingesting on my forays into the garbage dump was foul to the taste but generally once you got through the initial discomfort it usually encased some delicacies like overripe fruits and vegetables. In a city where the few patches of grass left are all right for the dogs to defecate on but denied to us, the garbage dump was the only solace for all us holy creatures.
As a species we are here to provide milk and meat to humanity there is no other purpose to our existence. Once we were the magnificent aurochs, masters of the open grasslands and steppes until we were selectively bred into this state where we are completely dependent on the whims of humanity. It is not easy to be dependent on your species, a majority of you have lost the ability to love your own kind much less a lowly animal like me. Your inherent prejudices leave you open for exploitation by your ruling class and now you slaughter each other all in the name of protecting me. But protecting me for what to condemn me to an existence where somebody pulls at my tender bits all day till I am sore and my children are deprived of nutrition vital for their own development.
Mammalian milk is a living liquid to be consumed by a child straight from the teat warmed by the life force of its mother. You’ll extract it from my udders, boil it till all that is nourishing in the liquid is killed and use it to improve the flavor of your tea and coffee. Or you buy into the lies propagated by the diary industry and feed it to your children believing it to be good for them. But then you also feed them white sugar a known poison whose ills we will dedicate to another rant.
Forgive the pun but we have no beef with you, as we are aware that our days as a species on this planet are numbered. It apparently takes us 16 calories of grain to produce 1 calorie of meat so numbers one of the few truths left in this world are stacked against us. We are no longer a sustainable food source on this planet not to mention our farts, which pollute your air with methane. The longer you indulge in your love for us the sooner you condemn your future generations to foul air and a diet of insects and bugs. So it looks like we will be the first casualties when you finally wake up from warring against each other and launch a war against Climate Change.
Thankfully I will not be sticking around till the end so let me leave you with a sobering thought. Even by the most conservative estimates your species have already far exceeded the population limit to live sustainably on this planet so unless you’ll drastically change your living habits there is no happy ending in the future. Only a glorious sunset into which you’ll disappear soon after us.

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