Were a race of Reptilians once our ancient gods?

We live in interesting times the idea that a bunch of Reptilian gods came down to the earth and created the first human to mine gold for them has moved out of the realm of conspiracy theories into popular culture. Hollywood and TV, both prominent information sources for our current generation, are now suddenly bombarding us with stories of ancient gods or alien races that created us, and their impending return. Are they preparing humanity for some future event?

Every major culture current and past has an end times story where gods or messiahs are expected to return and lead the survivors into heaven or into a golden age. Maybe we are now being told not to expect them to look like us and maybe that their agenda might not be to save us.

While the rest of the world may need to be prepared for such an eventuality, I don’t think the majority of us in India would be greatly perturbed if a bunch of lizard people showed up in spaceships to take over the world. We would in all probability rush to take selfies with them. Hell! We have thirty three thousand gods with highly imaginative appearances and I’m yet to meet anyone who is acquainted with all of them. To us it will be just another bunch of divinities showing up to teach us something even if it is a lesson.

Snake worship and the records of shape shifting Reptilians have been a part of our popular myths through the ages. But they have always remained in the periphery of our great epics or religious iconography, always the bridesmaids and never the brides if you will. They generally appear in the role of servants to our popular gods. Ananta’s great coils serve as Vishnu’s bed and Vasuki is the cobra around Shiva’s neck. In the southern part of India especially in the rural areas it is quite common to see little shrines dedicated to these snake gods it is said that they bring the village or home good luck and prosperity.

What has recently given credence to this myth amongst ancient history buffs and conspiracy theorists alike is the decoding of the Sumerian cuneiform writing. From this advanced civilization we have learnt a fair deal about this bunch of gods or aliens called the Anunaaki from the planet Niburu. They are said to have set up mining camps in Africa and built the first great civilizations of Egypt, Sumer, China and Harappa. They also appear to have gone to great lengths to conceal their presence from history. In the ancient temples most of the idols show them as human, sometimes with strange elongated heads, or as snakes and dragons. The first great kings and emperors were said to have been human reptilian hybrids left behind to rule by these gods.

In India we call them Sarpa or Naga, the Jews called them Seraph or Nagash, the book of Enoch one of the parts of the old testament that was left out of the Bible by the Romans has extensive accounts of the Nephilim, the Zulu of south Africa know them as Chitauri, they were Djinns in the Arab myths, the Angels and Demons of Christian lore and the Dragon kings in China. The plumed serpent was also the principal deity of the civilizations of the New World, called Quetzalcoatl by the Aztecs, Kukulkan by the Mayans and Viracocha by the Inca. It is a mystery that though they are a part of every ancient culture across the world there is very little mention of their role in conventional mythology or history. What little is known does not make for pleasant reading, their worship was extremely barbaric demanding a lot of bloodletting and human sacrifice.

Like it is with humans it would be unfair to tar the entire race or races of Reptilian gods with one brush for there were many amongst them who were said to be great teachers who contributed greatly to the technology and architecture of the ancient world. If the Sumerians are to be believed Enki the lord of the Anunaaki can be credited with genetically engineering the prototype of the modern human being – A slave to serve them and mine their gold. They called this being ‘Adama’. The word for slave in Tamil one of the oldest languages of the world is ‘Adimai’.

As I got into this aspect of mythology I was fascinated to learn that many tribes and communities in India including my own, the Nairs of Kerala, claim descent from these Reptilian beings. I knew we were different because of the matriarchal system we followed and some of the festivals we celebrated but that I had a bit of lizard in me came as a shocker.

The Sarpa or Nagas also have a part to play in the origin myth of Kerala…
It is told that Parashurama the great warrior sage, who dedicated his immortal life to the eradication of the Kshatriya race, threw his axe into the ocean and when he drew it back he dredged out the land of Kerala. This land, which belonged to the Sarpas who lived beneath the waters, was barren, poisonous and uninhabitable. A truce was reached between the humans and the Sarpa, in return for making the land hospitable to humans every household in Kerala would give a small part of their land to the Sarpa. Many ancestral homes including my own had a small-dedicated area, a thicket of trees and bushes that was called the Pambu kaav (the snake grove). It was forbidden for us to set foot in there and safe to say due to no human activity within its precincts the grove became a haven for the reptiles of the neighborhood, a sort of self propagating myth.

One of the recent events that produced a flurry of excitement in the world of forbidden histories and conspiracy theories was the discovery of a monumental hoard of gold estimated to be worth 60 billion dollars in the subterranean vaults of the Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala. It is hard to believe that the Travancore kings, the custodians of the temple and its treasures were able to amass that kind of fortune during their reign. What was even more interesting was the revelation that one of the sealed vaults did not have a conventional lock. The authorities were informed that it is sealed with a Nagabandham or serpent lock, only a priest who could recite an incantation called the Garuda Mantra in its precise intonation would be able to open the door.

The priests also warned of dire consequences to the world at large if the door was forced open. Small coincidence that the temple dedicated to Vishnu is in the city of Thiruanantapuram- the holy city of Ananta, the wisest of the Sarpa kings. So perhaps that is whom the treasure and the contents of the mystery vault really belong to.
Whichever way you look at it, it is too large a chunk of change for even gods to leave unclaimed so perhaps their return is indeed imminent. Most ancient cultures that worshipped the Reptilians subscribe to this theory although it must be added that some of them through the course of history got their timelines wrong with disastrous consequences.

Hernan Cortez was able to take the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan with a small force of Conquistadores who were vastly outnumbered by one of the foremost warrior cultures of the world. It is said that the Spaniard’s arrival preceded a red comet in the sky and the Aztec Emperor thought that the great god Quetzalcoatl had returned as foretold. He welcomed the white men in shining armor mounted on horses into the walls of his capital and facilitated the colonization of Mexico by Spain.

Is it possible that these shape-shifting gods had appeared to these cultures as white folk? That would perhaps explain how the colonists of Europe were able to conquer and rule nations where the native population so far outnumbered their own.

So what happens when the real gods return? Will they collect their treasures and leave? Or will they lead us to salvation. Or will they just decide to dispense with the human experiment and wipe us all out.

Well whatever the outcome there is nothing left for us to do except continue to work hard, pay our taxes, buy shit we do not need and hoard wealth because maybe as with all the troubles that assail us in the modern world we can bribe our way out of this one.

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